School Blues

savynaturalista, naturalista Getting ready for the weekend I am so excited to sleep until I can’t anymore, I am also excited that school is finally starting for me next week. It is so weird you’re happy when school is over but then you cannot wait to go back; I have such a love and hate relationship with school. My courses will be difficult this year I decided to take a few science classes which I am not looking forward to the work load seems difficult with lots of studying; I am thinking about a major in nutrition so I guess we will see if I can make it out of the class without crying. I always talk about being a big emotional eater and I am a huge one especially in scenarios like this; I am hoping that the spring semester does not balloon my weight from all the anxiety. I think I am going to stalk the fridge with lots of celery so when I have a panic attack I can run to the fridge and start crunching. I am going to start writing my meals for the week so I can be prepared in advance, especially since I have a lot of science labs this year which will call for extra late nights. What keeps me focus for now is remembering that my bio and chem classes are only 16 weeks and it will go so fast summer will be here before we know it…

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