Big Bowl of Vitamins

savynaturalista, Naturalista I feel much better today I guess a day of just resting will do that for you; I was going to try to work out today but I was feeling so weak I decided not to. I am so frustrated every time I get in the grove of working out I get really sick or the flu, I think it is my new job I have never been this sick until I started working there. I guess working around kids can get you sick at least four times a year, no matter how much you try to prevent getting sick you will sick no matter what if they are sick you will get it. I guess my coworkers did not want me to get them sick since the odds were already against them. I really do not have much of an appetite but I have been craving fresh fruit so I guess my body wants and needs more vitamins then I am giving to it, so today I am going to eat a big bowl of fruit with some leafy greens time to fruit up.