Flu Juice

savynaturalista, naturalista I decided to leave work early I was coughing hysterically and I just did not want to get anyone sick since everyone was giving me weird looks, and I am not going to be the blame if someone else gets sick so I booked it out of there real fast. I really want to workout and I have not been able to my throat is on fire and I can barely breathe. I am determine to get rid of this bug so I am going to make sure I get a lot of vitamins in me very fast, and the only way I know how to do that is juicing everything that is green and orange. This may be bitter but I am hoping that I able to start my day much better than I did today and yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Flu Juice

  1. Hope you feel better, soon! It’s no fun to be sick at work, and worse when everyone else gets sick and then blames you for it! And don’t worry about being bitter – the flu makes everyone nasty, but at least you have an excuse! =)

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