More Water

savynaturalista, naturalista Happy Weekend everyone, today is a busy day with cleaning and getting ready to go back to school. Let’s just say I am really going to miss coming home from work and doing absolutely nothing. Last night I had my cheat meal for the week I just could not wait until Saturday I wanted it right away, so we order sushi I had a vegetable role and a few pieces of tempura (no sake); the food was very salty I had trouble sleeping last night my mouth was so dry I kept getting up to get a drink of water. I am going to half to work on cheat meals that are not salty so I won’t have cotton mouth at night.
My 6th goal for the New Year is to drink more water. I bought a bottle that was on sale at target it is a 1.1 liter glass bottle; I have been using it for a couple of days and I realized I am not getting as much water as I thought I was drinking. I am only drinking about half the bottle for the whole day, so my goal for the year is to drink about three a day and hopefully more by the end of the year. I am not a fan of water I did drink fusion water but that task took to much time I am going to just half to learn how to be a fan of water..


6 thoughts on “More Water

  1. Good luck with your water goal, having a water bottle makes such a big difference on the amount of water you drink, especially in an office environment. I find I drink to procrastinate.

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