Healthier Me

savynaturalista,naturalista I decided that I did not want to work out today but I did do a plank and I am still at 40 seconds; I need to really stop looking at the clock because when I do I plop right to the ground once I hit 40. I am going to have a light breakfast today; ever since I have been back to work I have not had much of an appetite. It can be so hard getting back into the groove of things but I hope I will be back to my regular eating habits pretty soon.
My Second Goal for the New Year: I am going to be a healthier me; sometimes when you start a journey to a healthier body, you start to lose weight and then you become obsessed with just losing weight and calories. I think that is what sums up last year for me which stall my weight loss leading to depression and binge eating. I am just going be concern with my health and let everything else fall into place. How do I do that? I am learning and will share my journey with you.


7 thoughts on “Healthier Me

  1. good job girl. take it one day, one meal, one workout at a time. if you fall off of the path, just hop right back on and don’t beat yourself up over it!

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