Persimmon Fruit Salad

Today I decided to have a fruit salad for lunch I had leftovers for breakfast I could not help myself Christmas dinner was delicious; I hope I am not the only one who sometimes splurges on leftovers for breakfast. Being on vacation so far has not had a major effect on my eating patterns and I have not had the urge to splurge from boredom. It has been very difficult for me to workout I have no clue why it could either be the cold temperatures, the unexpected house guest (tell you about that one in another post), or I have just been so lazy; whatever it is I really need to find some motivation so I can get up and workout.
savynaturalista, naturalista

This fruit salad is dedicated to one of my favorite fall fruits the Persimmon. I went to the grocery store 2 days ago and I realized that there were no more persimmons left; I guess the season is officially over for us in AZ I hope not but if it is I really, really, really loved persimmons. Persimmons are an amazing treat and it pains me that they only come around once a year and only for a few months; I love seasonal fruit and this year persimmons hit the spot. I paired this salad with celery, and Asian pears always go well with persimmons.