Christmas Eve Breakfast

We were invited to a Christmas food truck party and oh gosh I could have nearly died all the food was so good. I half to make a note to myself to start bringing my camera everywhere I go so I can take pictures; I did not think I would be amazed by all the food but oh gosh I was in food heaven. I had beignets, malasadas, and we shared a shrimp basket; I choose to drink water instead of all the flavored sodas they had I have not had soda in 6 months and I am ok with that. I am happy to report I did not overdo it, I could have and believe me I wanted to but a content stomach is better than a full (stuff) stomach. I guess when a foodie changes there lifestyle they can still enjoy great food that will satisfy any palate.

savynaturalista, naturalista

I did not get a food hangover from any of the food I ate this weekend so I had a wonderful workout this morning; my breakfast was light I had papaya, boil egg and a piece of toast, unfortunately the toast did not make it to the plate it was calling for me to eat it. I know a lot of us are excited for Christmas; maybe for it to be over or never ever end. Let us just be happy that the Mayans were wrong and tomorrow we get to open all are presents and have a great day of food and love.