Sticking to Healthy

savynaturalista,naturalista I have a feeling I am coming down with something (In my sick whining voice)… I think I am getting sick my throat is trying to close up and I could barely work out this morning, I did two burpees and collapsed right after there was no way I could finish. I see carrots, oranges, and broccoli stalks in a tall glass for lunch in my future (vitamin c anyone?).
Yesterday when I got to work there was candy, cookies, candy apples, and more chocolate on my desk; I could have nearly passed out on the floor when I saw all those goodies. I swear the devil was calling me to eat and be merry join in all the festivities, but my better half told me that I can eat be merry and not gain a pound so I went with the better half.
Now I have a question: What do you do with all the cookies and candy that you receive at work during the holidays??
Three more days to go WHooo!!!!

One thought on “Sticking to Healthy

  1. Hope you aren’t getting sick! I hate that feeling. I totally relate with you on the sweets at work. I try to avoid them (a new tactic) but I like to give in and have just a little bit for the really good stuff. I’ve found that taking smaller bites and eating it slower helps a lot!

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