Sticking to Healthy

savynaturalista,naturalista I have a feeling I am coming down with something (In my sick whining voice)… I think I am getting sick my throat is trying to close up and I could barely work out this morning, I did two burpees and collapsed right after there was no way I could finish. I see carrots, oranges, and broccoli stalks in a tall glass for lunch in my future (vitamin c anyone?).
Yesterday when I got to work there was candy, cookies, candy apples, and more chocolate on my desk; I could have nearly passed out on the floor when I saw all those goodies. I swear the devil was calling me to eat and be merry join in all the festivities, but my better half told me that I can eat be merry and not gain a pound so I went with the better half.
Now I have a question: What do you do with all the cookies and candy that you receive at work during the holidays??
Three more days to go WHooo!!!!