Daily Egg Ramble

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista Lately I have been egged out but not egg white out (joke), but seriously I have been eating one boil egg for breakfast for the past few weeks and I think my tummy has had enough. Monday I got queasy so I today decided to lay off the eggs for a while, but I decided to fall in love with egg whites when I tried to make some meringues and they were the bomb!! However I didn’t cook them to long and they melted so now I have been defeated by the egg whites as well. I am going to leave eggs alone for a while I guess me and eggs need a break.
Now I am looking for ways to get protein with my breakfast in the morning besides eggs; I really do not like to eat meat in the morning and I never thought about trying vegetables either but I will get my protein… 4 more days left before winter break yay!!!!