Cookie Sucess+ Korean Drama Ramble

Savy Naturalista, naturalista The cookies were a big hit I guess there are some people at work who love to try new foods even if they look a little weird. Project: If you can’t beat them join them with alternative foods is in full effect. I should have baked so more tonight but work seems to end later then usual since Christmas is almost here; and when I get home I am so tired but I manage to get a healthy dinner in before I hit the sack. I finally finish watching 49 days this weekend and the ending is so sad. I know it has took me forever to finally say I finish watching the series but I have and I was so disappointed by the ending, I would have liked a typical cliché ending ( she worked so hard to get it) but I guess that is not how they roll in Korea. I am now watching My lovely Sammy Soon and so far so good. I am really hooked on this Korean Drama that I half to putting myself on a strict study schedule, but school is almost over and I can sit and watch them all day long I am so excited.. One more final to go yay!!!


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