Operation Healthy Alternatives

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista I decided that since the cookies and candy canes have piled up at work; it was time for operation if you can’t be them then just join them. I literally mean let us all join in the festivities with great alternatives that are yummy and low in calories. I know it is the holidays and we do not want to feel left out with all the goodies in the air, but food can be fun to and healthy and I am learning that slowly. I decided that today I would bring mini ginger breakfast cookies to work and see if anyone would take them. I am hoping that everyone wants to eat at least one but who knows they may just look at them funny. I am going to put them in the break room anonymously and see if it is ago. They are low in calories , fat and sugar so I let’s see if at least some go missing, but if not I can eat them and join in all the casual Christmas holiday talks during lunch breaks.


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