Weight Gain Ramble

Naturalista, Savy NaturalistaI started to add weights to my workouts again and I seem to be heavier then I was when I did not add weights; it is not a little number either it is 5 -6 pounds of weight that have been added to the scale. When I first check the scale last Friday I did a double take and I brushed it off, but this week I seen the numbers and I went into panic mode because I did not know why I was gaining!! Does anyone else experience weight gain when you add weights to your workout? I have been doing a little research and it seems normal but I don’t know I am still a little worried about gaining weight especially since I am working so hard to lose it and keep it off forever.


10 thoughts on “Weight Gain Ramble

  1. When my daughter went to WWatchers, they specifically told her NOT to lift weights because it will cause her to gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat. They also said that she’d lose slower than others in her class. WELL< I've been there and done it that way… and compared to what I'm doing NOW, I would never go back. Don't let it get you down…you're body will adjust. If you keep going with the weights, things will level out soon. I pretty consistently lose 1-2 pounds a week…I would do the same exact thing just doing WW…and no weights. So what's the difference? I weight 231 pounds and wearing sizes I wore when I was 185-200 pounds. Muscle takes up MUCH less space on your body. Don't quit the weights. Hang in there. People who just do cardio and diet are totally missing out.

      • It can be intimidating and seem difficult. Do you have a guideline of what to do? i alternate legs and arms…there is a pattern to the workout (sets of three)..I do different things on days. You can plateau if you don’t keep challenging yourself with higher reps and heavier weights. The guy below is right… It is a win win…you burn calories longer than just cardio. It’s a 2 for 1.

      • Well I have a 20 pound kettle bell I use and 20 pound weights I have not went up in weight yet I did not know you could hit a plateau I may half to buy heavier weights then…

  2. It’s normal to gain some weight if you start doing weights, muscle weights more than fat – a lot of exercise-based weightloss people don’t use scales because it is not an accurate measure as your weight will got up and down as you loose fat and gain muscle mass. The important thing is the end result when you feel better about yourself and your clothes fit better.

    Also keep in mind that your body will burn more fat if you do weights as it takes longer and burns more calories when your muscles are recovering from a work out compared to cardio.

  3. ^^^ What they said! Muscle weighs more than fat, so gaining a bit of weight when you start lifting is normal. However, muscle is also leaner than fat and takes up less space, so it should even out eventually. AND! Muscle also burns more calories because after you’re finished your weight workout your muscles need time to repair themselves, which is what causes more caloric burn. It’s a win-win!

    Also, I think I’ve convinced myself to start lifting weights again just from posting this comment. =P

  4. I do a lot of weights… a LOT… and only weigh myself once a month. That’s because I need the number to properly calculate my body fat percentage. That’s where the real testament lies, in BF%. I have always weighed heavy (about 180lbs in a size 6/8) so it’s impossible to go by the scale but when I look at my body fat percentage (around 25%) I am better able to gauge whether or not I’m losing/gaining fat.

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