Bowl of Warm Oatmeal

Bowl of Warm Oatmeal, Naturalista, Savy Naturalista This may be crazy but it is officially winter in Arizona it is so cold outside I have no clue what to do it is freezing. I know I have started to wear gloves out and everyone thinks I am crazy; most people are enjoying this weather and I feel as if I am going to die from hyperthermia. I love when it is really when hot but when it gets below 60 I am shivering all over. I know last year around this time me and country boy went to Grass Valley, CA to meet his fam, and it was below 40 every day I just could not take it at all it was so cold. I know you may think I have no clue how cold it can get but if you go from 110 most of the year all the way down to 60 it can get pretty cold. Thank heavens for oatmeal because my body would have gone in to shock it was so cold this morning; I would have love to eat cereal but it is way too cold for cereal. Now only if I did not half to go to work today would be a great day.


4 thoughts on “Bowl of Warm Oatmeal

  1. Right now where I am (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), it’s 30F (-1 Celsius) – you’d be really cold here! I’ve started to eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast, too. It’s so warm and yummy!

  2. It gets really cold here in KY during January and February….like single digits some nights and the wind chill will go under zero. So far it’s mild…way above freezing. We’re moving to Indiana in February, so it will be the same temps, but more snow. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to Arizona…and I still remember the dry heat.

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