Healthy Holiday Season

Savy Naturalista, Naturalista, food, blog, healthy living The Christmas season is in the air and I am so annoyed with all the cookies and doughnuts that pile up at work and just will not stop until the beginning of the New Year. I am going to declare this year tis the season not to be a fatty Fa-La-La, La-La; if you find yourself licking you lips sing this jingle in your head and run away, I repeat run away from the goodie(aka fatty table) table as fast as you can. I always gain a lot of weight during the holiday season but not this year!!! I have not had anything off the table yet so in order to keep it that way I am going to stock up on healthy treats, so to kick off operation not to be a fatty I am going to come up with new challenges, so we can all loose the weight and stick to a healthy path over the holidays not just at home but at work…


3 thoughts on “Healthy Holiday Season

  1. You should SEE the food in my office right now. One of our committees is having their monthly meeting and we treat them with lunch at Christmas. I’m hoping they eat everything because I don’t want to have the option to snack once I go on my lunch in an hour! Everything I love is there – cheese, deli meats, and sweets. Lord, give me strength!

    I fully support your avoidance of the “fatty table”!

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