Green Concoction Mix

Green Concotion Mix, savy naturalista, naturalista I typically use vegetable scraps in my green concoction juices are smoothies that I make once a week. I have been trying to increasing my intake from once a week to three times a week but I am not really looking to clean every component of my juicer during the week. Having a juicer can become a tedious project that I have no time for; I know I should make time for health but come on who really wants to clean a juicer every day and that is not including other dishes as well. I am not one to let vegetables go to waste so if they are brown are almost dying (fuzzy mold goes in the garbage) they go in the zip lock bag for juicing at the end of the week. I normally save broccoli stalks, celery, carrots, carrot leaves, kale stems, a dying cucumber; the list goes on of all the vegetable scraps I try to save and make green concoctions. Tomorrow I will show you what my green concoction mix will come up with…


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