Lunch, Dinner, Grain Free Diets

I decided that I would go to the grocery store to find some almond flour but it looks like they were all sold out which was upsetting, but I was still happy I got to casually chat with a personal trainer I do not know how long we chatted, but I do know the sun was setting when I went into the store and it was very dark when I came out. We got into an interesting discussion about carb cycling and grain free diets and how beneficial they can be. I will spare you the boring details of the whole conversation and tell you they are a great way to detox your body; especially since most of us (only me) tried to eat the whole thanksgiving pie. I know when you carb cycle you can burn fat but detox the whole body from a grain free diet. I may half to make this an every other week routine it can be pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I had left over salad from dinner that I had for lunch today food always tastes better the next day..
Lunch, Dinner, Grain Free Diets, Savy naturalista, naturalista,

I had to improvise with my almond flour pancakes I used almond butter instead they came out pretty good I had two of course one disappeared from the plate; I also try to make a spinach and yellow bell pepper egg frittata didn’t come out to well.


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