Big Bowl of Candy

When I woke I didn’t feel like eating at all then after my workout I felt a hunger pain that just did not want to go away. I wanted to eat the whole kitchen if I could; thank heavens that I had fruit lying around because I almost had a relapse on my low carb challenge this week. I guess that is why they tell you to “have a light snack before you work out (at least now I know)”; I doubt if I will remember to eat the majority of the time before I work out but I will try even if it requires planning.

Big bowl of candy, carb cycling, paleo, naturalista, savy naturalista, low carb, carb cycle

The fruit bowl I ate today was very sweet like a big bowl of candy I used 3 persimmons, 1 apple, and 1 dry fig I love figs they are so good. I know I did not post my low carb dinner last night, I got home from work so late and by the time I was done making dinner all the light left my house. I did have leftovers for lunch today so I will be able to show you what I ate last night…


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