Carb Cycle Dinner Day 3

Low Carb, Carb Cycle, Naturalista, Savy Naturalista, Paleo I am finally getting the hang of the low carb and carb cycle meals they are pretty easy once you know what to eat and what not to eat the possibilities are endless. I do find it tough to eat five meals a day. I just can’t do it; I barley can figure out what to eat with three meal a day add five oh man your killing me. I did take in to consideration that I am a heavy snacker so I just have two snacks to make up for my five meals; today I snacked on fruit leather, peanut butter, 3 figs and 3 dates. Today I had leftovers for dinner I made a lot of veggie meaty sauce that I will eat some for lunch tomorrow as well; I also added spinach tuna patties to the sauce to make a very flavorful dinner.


Sweet Potato Malt O Meal

I had a rough time getting up this morning I guess I am still not use to it being so dark out when I get up; it can be so annoying like today I missed my morning workout so now I half to work it out when I get home. I like to get my work out over and done with early in the morning so I do not half to work out later, but needless to say it has been difficult when there is no light out I am going to make the effort and not let the darkness defeat me.
I have been on a sweet potato kick for some time now or maybe it’s because the sweet potato, was the only thing I seen in the fridge that would not complicate breakfast so early in the morning. This malt o meal may not be like the original but it will fill you up.

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal , naturalista, savy naturalista

Sweet Potato Malt O Meal: 1 cup sweet potato, 1 tbsp. or 2 almond butter, 1 banana, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. In a bowl mash up one cup of sweet potato leaving a few chunks stir in almond butter with the sweet potato warm it up for about 3 minutes in the microwave; stir in the cup of milk and add the banana sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy. The best almond butter to use is the one that you get fresh from the grinder that makes almond butter right in front of you it gives you a great thick consistency of malt o meal; if not I would use chunky peanut butter. I also had a boil egg with my malt o meal.