Monday Low Carb Lunch and Dinner

Today went by pretty quickly I ate a persimmon, fruit leather, and half of banana for my snacks today. I also went to the grocery store and I ( when am I not in the store) found a solid block of coconut sugar I have no clue what to do with. I bought the sugar (not thinking) because it was much cheaper than the granulated kind by 2 dollars so I had to pick it up, but now that my excitement has died down I see why it was much cheaper this baby is rock solid; it will be harder to work with I guess you do half to work harder for the little change you save. Well let me not bore you with the details of my grocery store adventures and get down to the low carb meals.

Monday Low Carb Lunch and Dinner, Savy Naturalista, naturalista

I had a salad with a persimmon on top and low carb bread. I ate it all the bread (I have been snacking on it at work) so I will make another one tomorrow if I have time.

Monday Low Carb Lunch and Dinner, Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

For dinner I had saute sweet potatoes and cabbage in a tahini dressing served over shirataki noodles. I did not have seconds the noodles will fill you up and they are low carb and zero calories.


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