Carb Cycle Breakfast Day 1

Carb Cycle Breakfast Day 1, Low Carb Diet,  Naturalista, Savy Naturalista Carb cycle week has begun who is ready for the challenge oh yeah! This time I do not have a cold so I can get a little creative in the kitchen this week; I did not plan any dinners for this week so I will be going with the flow when it comes to dinner. I have not been to the farmers market in a while I only have one pack of grass-fed beef left so I will try to incorporate more veggie and seafood dinners this week; the veggies are piling up in the fridge so what a good excuse to use them all. With all that unlimited pie most of us ate it is time to burn some fat; for breakfast I had ½ banana, 1 egg, and low carb peanut butter bread with earth balance butter.


4 thoughts on “Carb Cycle Breakfast Day 1

  1. This looks delicous! I’m a huge devilled egg fan; even bought a special platter from Pampered Chef that has little half-egg cutouts. You freezed the platter before use and it keeps the eggs cold for storing or presentation.

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