Murky Green Concoction

This Murky green concoction is not for the faint of heart if you hate the smell and taste of broccoli stalks this juice is defiantly not for you. I may not like the taste but I love the benefits that come along with this concoction. I am writing my confession and my detox post at the same time. I know thanksgiving is just one holiday not a holiday month but I made it a holiday weekend I have not been on my best behavior I ate more than what I should and I am still eating as I write this post. I know I know it’s said but my sweet tooth has just been killing me this weekend, however once I have a sip of this murky juice I know I will not crave sweets for a while(maybe for a day). I may need to have another one during the week I will wait to see what happens.
Murky Green Concoction, Savy Naturalista, Naturalista

Murky Green Concoction: 6 broccoli stalks and 1 pomegranate. I used a juicer for the broccoli stalks, and an immersion blender for the pomegranate. It will go down with ease if you sip peppermint tea with it.

2 thoughts on “Murky Green Concoction

  1. How does it crash the sweet crave? Taste bad? Lol. It sounds yuck. :). I see pomegran at the store and don’t begin to know what to do with it. I’m not sure my GNC juicer will be strong enough for the broccoli..maybe it I chop it small first.

    • Ha ha ha I have no clue but it’s so gross that I can not get the taste out my mouth so I can not think of anything sweet for a while; you should try pomegranates in salad if you do not mind the seeds that come with the juice. I made cookies once with pomegranate seeds they were pretty good. I only juice the stalks of the broccoli instead of throwing them away after chopping it of the crown I save them just for juice. They are really high in calcium very bitter and disgusting 🙂

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