Breathe and Eat a Light Breakfast

Breathe and Eat a Light Breakfast I seem to have lost my appetite this morning and on my attempt to regain my appetite I decided that I should calm down. I was over excited about Thanksgiving this year more than I was the year before and so on. This year country boy’s co-worker invited us to dinner and it would be rude for him to say no, so I guess we have no choice but to go. I guess my anxiety has set in because I could not sleep. I am so worried about what they will serve; I know I probably want eat any of the meat since I only eat organic grass-fed and pasteurized meats; so that is out of the way but it is the sides that will always get me every time. Does anyone else load up on sides and deserts like crazy? I am barely eating (did not eat dinner) so after taking a couple of deep breaths I can finally had a bit of an appetite for a light breakfast.

2 thoughts on “Breathe and Eat a Light Breakfast

  1. I like your blog! And I am definitely a dessert fan. Last night, I had a small dinner so that I could enjoy a large dessert. Nothin’ wrong with that! 🙂 Happy early Thanksgiving!

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