Carb Free Thursday

Today is one crazy day for me so I will show you what I have been eating so far today and if I have time to make dinner I will try to get a picture. I pretty much had everything I ate yesterday for today. I am really under the weather so I have not been as creative with my meals as I wanted to be; next week is thanksgiving so the week after (I cannot miss out on pie) that I will try and do another low carb challenge week. Winter is a great season to be on a low carb diet because all the vegetables and fruits you can cook with are in season(spaghetti squash anyone?). I can tell you that for the most part I have struggled with sugar on this diet; it is insane I really have been eating a lot of coconut sugar lately. I really need to monitor my intake next time I do this challenge good grief I need some type of self-control. Here are my two meals so far:)

Low Carb Meal

I think I am officially over this breakfast I will half to figure out what to eat tomorrow morning..

Low Carb Meal

I am loving this salad so much I added olive oil to my salad much needed fats yum, yum..