Carb Cycle Week

This week I decided to go on a diet yes I am on a diet; I decided that I would go on a low carb diet. I know you may be thinking diets do not work why are you deciding to go on one? I have been looking for away to challenge myself eating healthy can be difficulty and if you do not have fun with your new lifestyle then it will not stay with you, and this is something I really want to stick with me. I hope it helps keep my new healthy lifestyle fun, challenge me, and keep me away from a plateau. I have been looking at Doctor Oz lately and he had my favorite personal trainer on Chris Powell and he talked about carb cycling; I was amazed that when you cycle your carbs you can burn a lot of fat without losing lean muscle, I want to try it for a week and see if I like it. Thanksgiving is around the coroner and I have been dreams about pie and sangria; I also had so many carbs last week my body went into a state of shock so this will be a wonderful break for me.
My meals will consist of no bread if I do have bread only at breakfast, and it will be whole wheat. I will eat lots of fruit because fruit is low in carbs, I cannot live without fruit, and that is how I lost the first 25 pound. I will also eat lots of fats, fish, eggs, grass-fed meat, but in moderation.
Yesterday I was under the weather so I did not post my meals: Breakfast: two eggs and an apple, Lunch: salad and olive oil as dressing, Dinner: Warm vegetable soup. My snacks: banana, flax seed (just nuts, and veggies) cookies, and sesame seed brittle made with coconut palm sugar.

Carb Cycle Meals

Breakfast: two eggs, banana, and warm peppermint tea; for lunch I will have a big salad, snacks I will have cucumber, celery, banana, and 1 tbsp, and a half of almond butter. I will see you at dinner.


5 thoughts on “Carb Cycle Week

  1. A plan similar to this is working for me. Good luck! My trainer says to eat proteins first, to not eat fiber or fat alone. He’s big on the whole importance of the right combination to get the greatest benefit. Your plan looks good! You should see a good loss from confusing your body. 😉

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