Keeping the Flu Away

Lately I have been feeling under the weather, I hope it’s just a little cold because I cannot get sick this week I have an exam that I half to study for this week. I decided that today I would take it easy and just relax but I always feel as if I am being lazy, and I need to find something to keep me busy whatever it maybe. I will not take it over board today because we all know what can happen if you’re feeling under the weather and you work anyway; this could lead to a disaster waiting to happen. I hope I feel better next week because I start my carb cycle week; just to keep me on my toes and that will lead to a food journal every day, so I am looking forward to the big week next week.

Keeping the Flu Away

They say and apple a day keeps the doctor away; well I hope it keeps the flu away so I made a nice mixture of warm tea, apple cider vinegar, and lime. I also ate a honey crisp apple that was very sweet; this was my first time trying these apples they are super huge! I hope this will keep the doctor and flu away!!