Pear Bowl

I have a secret that I half to get off my chest I have been meaning to tell you guys but I never seen it as a problem until today; so here it goes I dislike eating breakfast I really would rather starve in the morning then actually eat. I just have never been a fan of eating in the morning I do not know why I guess it’s been a habit that I have adapted for a very long time. It takes a lot for me to get up in the morning and actually eat something; sometimes feel all alone because everyone around me seems to eat a lot in the morning. Now that I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I am dedicated to eating in the morning, this morning I was not really in the mood to eat but I decided to have a pear bow with whole wheat toast. I went on the lighter side today I have not been craving eating as much as I would like in the morning, I have been having a weird food week.

Pear Bowl

Pear Bowl: 1 Asian pear firm and crisp, 2 medium red pears soft and squishy, and 1 green pear not to soft and not to firm but just right. Cut up into pieces mixed in a bowl sprinkle a little cinnamon and enjoy. I added the green pear and cinnamon after I took the pic it was really good.


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