Young Thai Coconut Smoothie

Well I am happy to say that I am able to wear large shirts again which makes me excited. I was wearing XL and making my way to double XL but I guess I have reversed that trend. The shirt looks pretty nice on me but not on my arms I never understand why in certain areas it is harder to loose fat. I have major problems with fat in my thigh areas and my arms but I am not going to give up or complaint, because I am just so happy that I can actually fit into a large shirt and it is pretty loose.

Young Thai Coconut Smoothie, Smoothie Challenge

I have been drinking a lot of coconut water lately so I have so much coconut meat and nothing to do with it I decided to put it in my smoothie today. This smoothies was very creamy and had a buttery taste this smoothie would make great porridge. Young Thai Coconut Smoothie: ¾ cup young thai coconut meat, 1 cup almond milk unsweetened, ¾ cup oatmeal, a pinch of sugar, and pineapple for topping. Serve in a bowl and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Young Thai Coconut Smoothie

      • I haven’t tried it but have heard from my trainer that people succeed on it. My trainer does Paleo M-F and whole grains on weekends. But others do ANY carbs on the weekends..even simple ones. He has me on a strict version and further down the road I hope to be able to change over. But…I don’t do a true’s my trainer’s twist to it…I do dairy, but low sodium and sugar levels..and I only get fruit with my post workout meal. Typical Paleo does all natural fruit, veggies and grass fed lean meats, healthy fats….no dairy. Is tis what you mean about “carb cycling”?

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