Chocolate Tropical Smoothie

Hello Naturalista’s, I have some really good news I got a lovely compliment at work; I was told that I look thinner. It was a shock because I am not thin at all so for someone to tell me I look thinner blew my mind but those were her exact words. The funny thing about losing weight is the person who is losing never notices; but it takes the people around you to tell you that you are losing; before you finally realized oh wow I am doing something right. I am not one that fishes for compliments neither do I know how to receive them, so when she gave me such a lovely compliment I kind of felt like I was in a corner and attention was being drawn to me. Instead of brushing it off I should have said thank you I am trying to loose but let’s just say I was like a hermit crab. I am going to half to make note to work on my receiving compliment skills.

Chocolate Tropical Smoothie

I have been craving chocolate lately so this smoothie was much needed for breakfast and of course I paired it with some pumpkin bread that I bought from a vegan bakery. Chocolate Tropical Smoothie: 2 frozen bananas, 1 cup pineapple, 1 tbsp. coco powder, and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk. I finally got my chocolate fixed.


One thought on “Chocolate Tropical Smoothie

  1. Congrats! How wonderful to know your journey into better health is going so well that others can notice! 🙂

    I also used to have a trouble accepting compliments, until an ex bluntly explained that I was making ppl uncomfortable with my protests. Now I try and graciously say thank you, while I squirm on the inside!!!

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