Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween  Today is Halloween and normally I would have 4 bags of candy to pass out, but this year I wanted it to be totally different. Last Halloween I only past out about 2.5 bags of candy and I am a shame to admit this but I ate the rest of the candy. This year was not going to be like last I did want to pass out some healthy treats but I could not find any that I would eat; I did not want to waste my money on passing out any treats that I felt were not healthy at all. I decided that I would just not pass out candy this year.

I would attempt to make pumpkin pudding with a pink pumpkin I bought to support breast cancer. The pumpkin pudding was delicious and it was fun to make (it was vegan), but let me tell you it was difficult to get that big pumpkin open! It took me 12 minutes to finally slice it open what a work out! It was my first time ever cutting a pumpkin open and I think I see pumpkins in my future. I am going to have some fun with pumpkins now that the holiday season coming up. With Halloween almost over I am happy to have made it through work and tonight without any unhealthy temptation…


5 thoughts on “Healthy Halloween

  1. I’m definitely on your side here – I only bought one box of miniature chips and one bag of miniature chocolate bars to hand out (partially because I didn’t want leftovers, but also because I didn’t think we’d have that many kids showing up). Well, we ran out of both chips & chocolate bars and had to hand out juice boxes and granola bars – at least some kids will be getting a healthy snack in their loot! =)

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