Healthy Halloween

Healthy Halloween  Today is Halloween and normally I would have 4 bags of candy to pass out, but this year I wanted it to be totally different. Last Halloween I only past out about 2.5 bags of candy and I am a shame to admit this but I ate the rest of the candy. This year was not going to be like last I did want to pass out some healthy treats but I could not find any that I would eat; I did not want to waste my money on passing out any treats that I felt were not healthy at all. I decided that I would just not pass out candy this year.

I would attempt to make pumpkin pudding with a pink pumpkin I bought to support breast cancer. The pumpkin pudding was delicious and it was fun to make (it was vegan), but let me tell you it was difficult to get that big pumpkin open! It took me 12 minutes to finally slice it open what a work out! It was my first time ever cutting a pumpkin open and I think I see pumpkins in my future. I am going to have some fun with pumpkins now that the holiday season coming up. With Halloween almost over I am happy to have made it through work and tonight without any unhealthy temptation…


Banana Apple Smoothie

I have been obsessed with Korean dramas lately I mean I am super obsessed. Once I am home from work and I am done studying I like to sit and watch them until it is time to go to bed. Country boy assumes that I am watching soaps like days of our lives just in a different language. I wouldn’t take it that far but they can be very addicting especially on the weekends when everyone loves to watch television. If I don’t set a schedule I can literally sit and watch them for about 6 hours. I am watching a really good one right now called 49 days, and I am almost to the end well I am in the middle and have cried twice. I will keep you guys up dated on what happens. I guess you can say that Korean dramas have become my guilty pleasure. If you would like to watch 49 days the show is on hulu for free or drama which will send you to hulu for free. If you do not mind subtitles you will be hooked as well.

Banana Apple Smoothie

Today has marked five more days left of my 30 day smoothie challenge and I made an apple banana smoothie with a hint of pineapple. It is early in the morning and I have already gotten 2.5 serving of fruit from just one smoothie. Apple Mango Smoothie: ¾ cup apple sauce unsweetened, ½ cup pineapple, 1 large banana, and ½ cup of oatmeal. I can tell you after drinking this smoothie this morning I am very full.