Weekend Routine

I am lately trying to get in the hang of having a routine on the weekends. It can be very hard staying on a weekend routine but if I want to lose fat I half to keep up with my routine. This weekend was very backwards I would normally juice on Saturday and Sunday I would have a smoothie for breakfast but let’s just say that did not go according to plan. I woke up pretty late Saturday so I went out for a bike ride and made a smoothie when I got home. Sunday I had quinoa for breakfast when I realized that I had not had my juice this weekend, so I had a juice for lunch with a few tortilla chips and salsa. They were homemade by country boy of course apparently he has a recipe that was to die for and I had to try it; I agreed to try them as long as he would bake the chips instead of fry them. I must say they were pretty good shockingly:).

Green Juice

This Green Concoction: 6 celery stalks, a bunch of spinach, ½ leftover cucumber that never got ate, 2 plums that were dying, and 1 red juicy pear. I love a juice concoction what’s your favorite?