Coconut Water Smoothie

Today I decided to experiment with coconut water in my smoothie because it is high in potassium and I seem not to meet my requirements for daily potassium. I must say coconut is the most versatile fruit and nut that I have ever met! There are others but coconut is just amazing and I guess that is why it is a very popular. If I ever move to an island I hope I am surrounded by young thai and brown coconut trees. The possibilities of coconuts are endless.

Coconut Water Smoothie

I used all the water in one coconut, 2 bananas, ½ cup mango, ½ cup pineapple. This smoothie was is very sweet it would make a wonderful snack. I also had ½ cup oatmeal and one boil egg. I did not want to add oatmeal to this smoothie it would have changed the flavor and texture so I had it as a side dish :).


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