Get up and go Smoothie

Today I half to be at work super early so I will make this smoothie pretty simple and quick; because even though some days can be very busy that is no excuse for me to not eat healthy. I know I am going to be staving later so I am going to pack a lot of snacks because I love snacking. I am going to bring apple chips, a small baggy of sunflower seeds, one persimmon, some celery stalks cut up, and lots of water (of course) I will not be grumpy if I am snacking :).

Get up and go smoothie

For my smoothie today I used 1 cup almond milk, 1 cup mango, and 1 banana, I am going to get five serving of fruit today most days I get three or for today it will be five yay!!! that was quick and easy :).


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