Smoothe Challenge Day Forgotten??

I have no clue what number my smoothie day challenge is for today but I will find out before tomorrow’s smoothie. I did make one smoothie for breakfast Sunday but I forgot to photograph it so I will not count that smoothie in my total. I lost one pound this week which made me upset but it was also a relief; my weight lost had stalled for the past 4 weeks due to my weekend binges. Who knew weekends could have a major effect on weight lost. Now I just half to make it through the holidays I think I will be ok if I can stay motivated. If I do go out it will be sushi because I love sushi and I never thought about (until now), but sushi is really low in calories and if you choose the right item you can eat a nice portion without feeling guilty.

Smoothie in a bowl

Now for the smoothie today I made a smoothie in a bowl it was thick and creamy and warm for a fall morning. I used 1 banana, ½ cup of applesauce, ½ cup of oatmeal cooked in unsweetened almond milk.
Does anyone like Korean dramas?? I am really addicted to them and I am watching one on Hulu now called My Lovely Sammy Soon. It’s official I am a Korean Drama Lover 🙂 .