Juice Day

Juice DayI am trying to make it through the weekend without giving into the temptation of eating anything I will regret. It seems to be going great so far. I am a person who loves to snack; so today I have been snacking on sunflower seeds, low-fat pretzels no salt of course, and apple chips. I also had a nice tall glass of juice. I decided to dust off the juicer and juice more often especially on the weekends. I juiced three oranges and broccoli stalks. It had a very bitter taste but juicing is good for the soul. For dinner I am going to attempt to make sushi I hope I get it. Wish me luck. I jogged and ran about a half a mile today and walked the other two miles I walked home it got pretty hot and I was getting tired. I have learned never to go jogging in the afternoon always early in the morning or when the sun goes down much cooler.


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