Never go into a Grocery Store Hungry

Never go into a Grocery Store Hungry Well that’s what I would say if you do not want to buy a bag of chips, candy, cakes, and ice cream get sick and feel guilty later; but now I am confident that I can go into a Wal-Mart hungry and come out feeling satisfied and guilt free when they carry these cute little snacks. They are called buddy fruits and were only 88 cents a piece and pretty nice serving sizes. When I bought the little snacks the cashier asked me if my kid’s like to eat the apples and fruit snacks that were just pure fruit. I told her they were for me I guess these snacks are for kids but that did not stop me from eating them. Food is universal we can eat whatever we want no matter what the packaging looks like. I bought a 4 bags of apple chip’s and these cute little gummy snacks that are pure fruit but too sweet for me..

The weekend is here I have been having problems controlling portions on weekends, so now I am prepared and ready to beat the weekend with a few snacks and they are not chips. GO WEEKEND GO I will also be running the track for the first time ever wish me luck. What is everyone doing this weekend?