What’s in your Olive Oil?

Olive Oil Lately I have stopped cooking with canola oil and I switched to olive oil and coconut oil. Canola oil is actually called rapeseed oil and is not meant to be cooked are ingested by the human body. That’s why I decided to switch to the cooking oils I am currently using; however I do use olive oil more than coconut oil. My reasons would be it gets more hype than coconut oil. Olive oil is very popular on cooking shows and television commercials you can’t help but use it all the time. Fun Fact: Most of the olive oil in grocery stores is actually produced in Spain not Italy, so just because your bottle of olive oil say’s Italy 9 out of 10 it is Spain.
I love researching the health benefits of olive oil and I stumbled upon an interesting article. I learned that the olive oil I was using may not have been true olive oil; but rather one third rancid olive oil with the rest being bottle with soy bean oil! I cannot begin to tell you how upset and infuriated I was. I could not believe that I was wasting my money on fake OLIVE OIL. I have been using olive oil for about five months, I could tell you in that five months I would buy a bottle every two weeks; that’s about 18 dollars a month which is about 90 dollars on fake olive oil. Who would want to know that they have spent about 90 bucks on fake olive oil in the last five month; since I have started a journey to a healthy way of living I care about my body and I care about what I put in to it. I know many of you do as well that’s why I decided to inform myself, and tell you guys what’s going since the grocery stores refuse to tell us this much needed information.


2 thoughts on “What’s in your Olive Oil?

  1. It takes a long time to grocery shop these days. Once I find solid ingredients, I usually continue to buy the same product. It is faster. Ha ha. Interesting about the olive oil and canola. I used to use canola but switched to olive….or I use a bit of butter. Yes, the real stuff…not plastic margarine. I’m not on a low fat diet, it’s ok in moderation.

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