Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies   Today I made triple chocolate chip cookies adapted from Summer Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies and this time I used real butter and eggs. I could not find a single white chocolate chip in the cookie after they were out of the oven I know I added plenty, I am assuming they change colors while baking in the oven. I really liked this recipe because I did not need a mixer at all just a rubber spatula and a good grip. I love the technique of a using rubber spatula instead of the mixer it made clean up time such a breeze. The only thing I changed about this recipe was I used ¾ cup of brown sugar instead of half and half. Now it’s up to country boy to decide which ones I should bake for the police officers. I am leaning towards triple chocolate chip cookies because I love white chocolate.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Now it’s time for some food porn, I drooled over these cookies while I was looking through my camera. When I realized the cookies were in front of me, I took a bite well two and they were just too rich for my palette. I guess I will just enjoy the pic’s 🙂

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies


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