Farmers Market Haul

Farmers Market Haul With my bike being back it totally slip my mind that I went to the local farmers market in my area Saturday… I did a huge haul of stuff I am still amazed that we got it all home on are bikes.. The market was open bright and early in the morning from 7 am – 11am the hours will change once summer is over which no one knows when that will be :).. Being from L.A it was not as big as the ones I am use to seeing, but it still had all the necessities and the market had a warm vibe to it. The lady who sold us the beef was very nice and answers all my questions she made feel like a valuable customer… I also learned that most local farmers are organic but can not get a seal of approval because of cost and regulations; which is something I did not know and I felt very pleased to get an education course on local and organic foods. I went crazy over tea I love tea so much it’s one of my crazy obsessions and the lady had some great bargains.
I enjoyed all the vendors at the market they also had a vegan food truck, and since I am obsessed with vegan food of course I had to try. I order a vegan blueberry flax seed waffle with coconut yogurt. I must say I really enjoyed my breakfast it was the bomb!!There was much more but I really enjoyed the highlighted experiences.

Farmers Market Haul

The star of the show…. I am excited to try it this weekend… I have decided to eat meat once a week from now own… she sold out of chickens but they are on their way…

Farmers Market Haul
Natural Lotion Bars I am so excited to try…

Farmers Market Haul
Isn’t this design so lovely…

Farmers Market Haul

Homemade soaps refreshing peppermint it smells so lovely..

Farmers Market Haul

I am loving this tea at the moment… Omg!!!

Farmers Market Haul


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