Smoothie Challenge: Day 3: YUCK!

Today smoothie was horrible it was really bad! Yuck!! I have no clue what happen! I think the problem was I let the broccoli, kale, and carrot juice sit in the fridge since I juiced it last night. I have no clue what went wrong I need to figure that out… The smoothie was so horrible! I gulped it down but it was the longest five minutes of my life… I had to chew gum and eat a piece of toast just to get the taste out my mouth. Well not in that order…

Smoothie Challenge

I decided that I need to get cleaner with my diet I have been eating way to much organic, vegan, and vegetarian processed foods. In the beginning it was fine but now it does not agree with my belly and I seem to be putting on weight instead of taking it off. Needless to say I guess it is time for another clean eating revamp. Since watching Food Inc. I refused to eat feedlot animals ever again the movie made me go all organic but I have been going about it the wrong way. I would have never thought because it was organic, vegan, or vegetarian it would be processed; this new found information blew my mind. I have cut meat out of my diet for three months this time and I am not happy with my energy levels; I also think my boyfriend is getting sick again he is looking really pale it’s not a good look for him. After much looking around I finally found a local ranch that raises grass fed beef; they sell it at the local farmers market on the weekends so we will be checking it out this weekend… I am so excited I cannot wait to tell you guys about it.