Rock Star Rant…

What do you guys think of the lead singers of Green Day reaction to his one minute performance at the I heart radio concert in Vegas? When I first saw it I was laughing so hard. I am still laughing!!! I found it to be well said after all they have been in the industry for years; could he have handled it a little classier yeah! But come on!! He is a rock star that’s what they do!! They let out aggression in ways we could never imagine! I give Billie Joe 5 thumbs up for speaking his mind..
It’s a hot topic that was going on all day at work and not that I am one to get into gossip but I am a lover of music and it is one of my favorite bands. I can go techno from a techno mood my favorite DJ being Tiesto and right into a country mood gotta love Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney. I have no limits when it comes to good music. If you have did not see Bille Joe rant it is very explicit! I hope you tell me what you think?


3 thoughts on “Rock Star Rant…

  1. I thought it was pretty funny too actually. Though with a new album coming out this week, I’m wondering if it was more of a PR stunt than anything. Though, well played, because we’re all talking about Green Day 🙂 And I didn’t know they had an album coming out tomorrow until I heard about this! And, of course, Billie Joe going to rehab 😦

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