Carrot Bundt Cake

The decision was made and the cake that was chosen was Carrot Cake!!!!

In my post a week to bake a cake I had you guys decided which cake I should bake. I am happy it was a carrot cake because I had some carrots in the fridge that I did not want to go bad… What a great way to use them up…
First things first I was really freaking out about this cake the whole week I never baked a cake before. I am more of the spoon and bowl licker not the cake maker I see the roles for me have been turned upside down…. Even though I was freaking out about the cake It was fun making the cake.. I was so happy that Friday arrived the craziness at work was finally over. We had so much to get ready for the surprise party and then I had to bake a cake it was a crazy week for me.
Conversational Moment from the Crazy Week at Work:
Co-Worker: I know its Wednesday Shundara and I am giving you a short notice, but do you think that you have time to make something else for the party, and can you stay late Thursday to help get the break room ready…
Me: Oh wow I have not made the cake yet and I don’t know if I have time to make anything else.. I can buy some food at the store if you want??
Co-worker: Well you know the party is a potluck so homemade dishes would be nice, but its ok I will see if I can find someone else to do it… Can you at least stay late Thursday?
Me: Oh I guess we are too good for store bought items now.. How late would you like me to stay?
Co- worker: How late can you stay?
Me: I have homework due so not to late but I can stay…
Coworker: Oh its ok I will find someone else…
I guess we were all having crazy moments this week, but this was the weirdest moment for me because she wasn’t even the party planner… Let’s just say we will all be cheerful Monday…  I am happy to say they were in love with the cake and let’s just say it was MMmmm good…  I am now the official cake baker…If there is anyone who is lactose intolerant besides me stay far away from the cake if you do not want to be sick… If you are dying to have a piece and you don’t mine suffering later… Have a very small piece and savory every bite 🙂  Now it’s time to show you how it all came together…

Up! Up! and away we go!!..

Carrot Bunt Cake

The ingredients that will make the cake shine just like me..

Carrot Bunt Cake

Tip: Please do not rush and allow the butter to melt at room temperature are you will be mixing longer then anticipated..

Carrot Bunt Cake

Because hand mixers are ok when your on a budget…. Looks so good to eat without the baking

Carrot Bunt Cake

Baking in style is so much fun

Carrot Bunt Cake

Now the frosting….

Carrot Bunt Cake

Tip: chop up pecans very finely that way it will not look so clunky… Not what I had in my head but it was my fist cake.. Thumbs Up!!!

Adapted From: Spiced Carrot Cake…

For Cake:

2 cups of Flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon baking soda

2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 ¼ cup of sugar

4 eggs

1 stick unsalted butter room temperature

2 cups of carrots

For Icing:

1 stick unsalted butter room temperature

1 cup powdered sugar

1 cup cream cheese

1 cup chopped pecans

Directions:  Pre heat oven at 350.  With your handy dandy mixer Cream together sugar, eggs and butter in a large bowl.  Whisk flour, salt, cinnamon, and baking soda in another bowl. Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients once the mixture is mixed well add the carrots. Grease and flour Bundt pan very well add the mixture to the pan and bake until completely done. Let cake cool for about 20 minutes..

Icing: With your mixer mix together cream cheese and melted butter gradually add the powder sugar, vanilla, and pecans…