Lentils and Rice

This weekend I had a craving for Middle Eastern food, but when you live in the suburbs it can be hard trying to find an authentic restaurant to carter to your taste. I guess I should be happy with the sushi joint up the road and not complaint as much. I wanted some Tabouli and started to look up recipes for the dish; when I came across a very easy recipe for lentils and rice.
Mujaddara is the name of the dish and I got the recipe from mamaslebanesekitchen. I made a few changes I added salt, and cumin; next time I try it I may add curry powder. I cooked 1 cup of lentils and once they were done I drained them, and add more water to the pot with one cup of rice. I added the lentils back to the pot with the rice. I used too much water so I once the rice was done I just drain the water. The onions I sautéed in 2tbsp of peanut oil, and I must say the onions came out very flavorful.
It’s a very healthy dish; it was easy, and delicious. Bonus it’s very cost effective… I am happy I got my craving for Middle Eastern food. I will be adding this dish to my weekly menu again and try to make a spicy version…

Mudardara Lentils and Rice

I used short grain brown rice

Mudardara Lentils and Rice

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