Fatty Breakfast

Peanut butter and Almond Butter Banana Wheat Toast Today started off well I did my strength training workout although I did not want to do it at all. I am committed to doing it three times a week giving it all that I have. Today my workout only last 16 minutes it was the longest 16 minutes of my life. I was so happy to be done and be able to eat breakfast. I am really not looking forward to Wednesday. Gosh does strength training ever get easier???
Many of you know about my obsession with almond butter and banana on toast. It is so good!! I wish I could eat it all day every day. It really helps with my sugar cravings that I use to always get. Once I added nut butters to my diet I seem not to get them anymore… I also have been able to concentrate on my homework longer. I guess that’s the power of fats in a diet…
I wanted to try peanut butter and banana to see if I would enjoy it better then almond butter and banana. I decided to try both this morning and I must say almond butter and banana won!! The peanut butter just doesn’t bring out the flavor of the banana as well as almond butter. The almond butter provided more of a sweeter flavor. I guess I will be using my peanut butter for my PB&J sandwiches…


5 thoughts on “Fatty Breakfast

  1. I’m addicted to strength training! But, everyone is different. I’d love to just leave the cardio stuff alone, but I can’t because I need the extra calorie burn. My strength training can be finished in 30 minutes, but that’s cutting it pretty tight and it depends if I’m yapping my jaws or not. 🙂 I do two big sets… each set containing three mini sets…and those mini sets contain anywhere from 10 – 15 reps each. If I keep myself moving it is great cardio in additional to strength training. It does get better and the more consistent you stay with your days and times…it will help SO much.

  2. Hehe…so weird for me to see someone who doesn’t like strength training. I do too love it! I hope it gets easier once you start seeing the results. Your body will tone up so nicely and take form. May I ask why you do not like it? Sorry if I missed that explanation on an earlier blog. Feel free to just send me there to read. Looks so yummy your banana and almond butter mix.

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