It’s ok to Treat Yourself with Food

I am a huge foodie at heart I just can’t help it; all I can say is I have accepted it and I embrace it. I can honestly tell you that since I have changed my eating habits I have much enjoyment in what I eat and the source my food comes from. It can sometimes be a struggle but at this point I am happy to say it’s worth it.
Today I mustered the courage to finally try on a pair of jeans after two weeks. When I finally did put them on they were loose!!! I was so happy I didn’t know what to do, but jump up and down in excitement. I decided when I stared this journey I would treat myself for every mile stone I made. Last time I treated myself I decided to have chipotle, and regretted eating it about two hours later. This time I did not want to do that…
I went to the grocery store and decided to do some shopping. I had a game plan when I went in. I would stay away from the inner aisles and stick to the outer aisles; as I was walking through the outer aisles beautiful exotic fruit caught my eye. I always wanted to try some of the beautiful fruit, but my close-mindedness and very high prices got in the way. Today was not going to be one of those days I was going to treat myself to one of these lovely fruits…
I decided to try passion fruit; it was 3.00 dollars each and looked like a little bright plum. The juicy seeds were amazing they were tart but very addicting. I was so addicted that I decided to germinate the seeds and see if I can have my own passion fruit in the garden..

Passion Fruit

Its ok to use food as a treat… 🙂

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Germination

Soaking for an hour and then I will plant them..


4 thoughts on “It’s ok to Treat Yourself with Food

  1. I tried on some old jeans this morning too and was pretty pumped to find that they actually zip up now! I could barely get them on at this time last year. I think they’ll fit better with another ten pounds gone, but for now I’m pretty happy! Congrats to you!

    Oh, and I’m so with you on the food-love. I love food so much that it’s often times very, very difficult to eat healthily but the payoff is so worth it!

  2. Definitely nothing wrong to treat yourself with something such as passion fruit. I have yet to try it. I might do that next. Looks yummy. Love your food pics! Its just good to see ppl treating themselves with food in a healthy way. A way that treats you to a nice treat and nourishes your body! Way to go on the jeans!!! Awesome! Keep it up.

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