It’s ok to Treat Yourself with Food

I am a huge foodie at heart I just can’t help it; all I can say is I have accepted it and I embrace it. I can honestly tell you that since I have changed my eating habits I have much enjoyment in what I eat and the source my food comes from. It can sometimes be a struggle but at this point I am happy to say it’s worth it.
Today I mustered the courage to finally try on a pair of jeans after two weeks. When I finally did put them on they were loose!!! I was so happy I didn’t know what to do, but jump up and down in excitement. I decided when I stared this journey I would treat myself for every mile stone I made. Last time I treated myself I decided to have chipotle, and regretted eating it about two hours later. This time I did not want to do that…
I went to the grocery store and decided to do some shopping. I had a game plan when I went in. I would stay away from the inner aisles and stick to the outer aisles; as I was walking through the outer aisles beautiful exotic fruit caught my eye. I always wanted to try some of the beautiful fruit, but my close-mindedness and very high prices got in the way. Today was not going to be one of those days I was going to treat myself to one of these lovely fruits…
I decided to try passion fruit; it was 3.00 dollars each and looked like a little bright plum. The juicy seeds were amazing they were tart but very addicting. I was so addicted that I decided to germinate the seeds and see if I can have my own passion fruit in the garden..

Passion Fruit

Its ok to use food as a treat… 🙂

Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Germination

Soaking for an hour and then I will plant them..