Breakfast on the Go

It’s all rush for me this morning I over slept apparently my alarm clock decided not to wake me up this morning. I was lucky that I had enough time to work out, but not enough time to make breakfast. Its healthy breakfast on the go I had one boil egg, Naturalista bites, and a banana. I boiled the egg while I was working out killing to healthy birds with one stone.
I am in the market for another scale my scale decided it does not want to stay on the zero anymore. My technology is always outdated I always see a really cool gadget that has already been out for 6 months so a year. I guess it is time for me to upgrade and get a digital scale. I am hoping to get one this weekend or by next weekend. I am looking forward to seeing what I weigh ever since my scale decided to die I have not been recording my number. I am eager and scared at the same time it’s like the moment of truth…

They were to moist they stuck together like crazy but they were good…

Naturalista bars

Naturalista bars

Naturalista bars


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