Nut butter Lunch

Today was an early day at work, so I decided to make my lunch at home. I had an old fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I love this nut butter challenge it has got me eating more nuts and getting my calcium. Whole wheat organic bread, One tbsp of peanut butter, One tbsp of Jelly , Nectarine, and baked kettle chips..

Lunch Time

Sorry I could not wait…

I am coming up with a new treat I am still working on it… It has peanut butter in it, but I want to try it with almond butter and see the results. On Sunday it was to dry, and Monday it was to wet. We will see what I come up with today.. I have a poll up as well don’t forget to vote.. Which cake should I bake??

Favorite Quote Today: “How do you build up your bank account? By putting something in it everyday. Your health account is no different. What I do today, I am wearing tomorrow. If I put inferior foods in my body today, I’m going to be inferior tomorrow, it’s that simple.” ~Jack LaLanne


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