Naturalista Bites Take # 1

Naturalista Bites I decided to try with almond butter with the bites I made today. I will try and post the recipe as soon as it’s perfect. They came out to moist again, I think I am adding to much sweetener including almond butter to the batter…They are to die for so delicious. I added cinnamon and it made me feel like fall was here; although the weather has not cool down at all (90 degrees and raining).
The reason why I called them bites is because I was going to cut them into bite size pieces. I was going to eat a piece of a bar all day for a snack to satisfy my cravings, but they were to moist and just crumbled. I am going to try again this weekend to see what I come up with I hope to get one perfect bite..

Naturalista Bites It smelled so good coming out..

Naturalista Bites Looks good so far..

Naturalista Bites It split in to two when I flipped, so much for bite size pieces..


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